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MICAFSrl is a Company founded in 2011 by professionist people in the field of the consultancy, production, import and distribution of Consumer Electronic Products and Sport products,  to the purpose of supply a combination of services and products dedicated to the creation of PRIVATE LABELS in the specific  markets.

MICAF Srl addresses his services mainly to existing Organizations that would like to develop their sales potential into the consumer electronic market, by the way of a Propertary Brands, where they can control distribution, product range as well as profit margins.

MICAF Srl provides the following services:

bulletBrand creation and management, from graphic design to brand registration and specific packing design.
bulletAfter service network design and management.
bulletProduct line up definition, considering all marketing aspects related to the positioning of the Private Label into the specific distribution channel.
bulletResearch and selection of the products meeting the line up standards
bulletDesign and production of products developed under customer's request
bulletTechnical tests and official approvals for the products, as well as Quality Control at factory location
bulletNegotiation of transport, import and distribution services
bulletDesign and preparation of catalogs as well as advertising materials
bulletDesign and management of Internet dedicated sites

MICAF Srl supplies its services under dedicated contracts, strictly tailored to the customer's needs.

MICAF Srl grants confidentiality to all customers, with full information about eventually existing partners in the business and full warranty of non competition in the same business area.

MICAF Srl promotes the creation of new independent companies dedicated to the development of Private labels in the Consumer Electronic field.

MICAF Srl is the company granting all customers about congruence of the services provided

Last updated: 05/02/2014